Landlords Mixed Stickers Sheets

£10.50 + VAT

These simple peel off and stick on labels are designed to assist landlords by encouraging tenants to act responsibly and encourage good practice within the dwelling.

Price (per A4 sht)

1-4  – £10.50 + vat /sht
5-9  –   £9.50 + vat /sht
10-19 – £9.00 + vat /sht
20-29- £7.50 + vat /sht
30-39 – £7.00+ vat /sht
40-49 – £6.50 + vat /sht
50+shts – £6.00 + vat /sht
P&P £3.95 plus vat

The labels come on A4 sheets with a mix of useful labels that cover some common issues. The large sticker at the top of the sheet is 200mm x 120mm and all the others are 100mm x 40mm. If you are interested in these sheets but want to alter the mix of labels please use the “Tell us what you want” box to explain what you want and we will do our best to assist.

To order simply enter the number of sheets you need in the quantity box. When you “Add to Cart” your current selection will appear at the bottom of this page and you can continue to add more items until you are finished. You will need to “View Cart” to see the full contents of your cart and proceed to checkout.

If you prefer to order labels to your own specific requirements then please see “Design Your Own Vinyl Labels”

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Product Total: 10.50