School Elite Badges

This versatile range consists of the following items:-

1 – Elite Enamel Holders are produced to order complete with your unique crest or logo and a recess to accept an insert.

2 – Inserts are held in stock to complete your badges. 155 Standard Titles are available for you to chose from and each one is stocked in 10 standard colours. This allows you to have badges with your school crest and titles such as Monitor, School Council, Prefect etc. If you need a title that is not stocked as a standard we can produce special engraved or custom inserts to fulfill your requirements.

3 – Shield, Bar, Star, and Plain Insert Holders all use the same range of inserts. Enamel holders are stocked in the same standard colours as the inserts so you can either match the insert and holder or mix the colours for a striking contrast.

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Showing all 8 results