Hello and thank you for visiting our new look site!

We were talking to our web guy about various additions to our site to improve the ease of use and offer additional features for our customers. He convinced us that the time is right to bite the bullet and update the site to operate on wordpress so that is what we have done. Getting everything transferred from the old site and working properly has been a bit of a mammoth task and it is still  a work in progress. Our first objective has been to get all of our products transferred and set up in a way that keeps them as similar as possible to the previous site so that everything looks as familiar as possible for regular users. Hopefully as we become more familiar with the software and the many various functions we will gradually introduce new features to make the site even more appealing and easy to use. We hope you enjoy the new site and find it easy to use but if you have any problems or notice anything missing or incorrect then please do us a favour and CONTACT US to let us us know. We will do our best to help.