40mm x15 mm labels

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All 40mm x 15mm labels are engraved on 1.5mm thick interior grade engraving laminate and have an attractive bevelled edge.  A wide range of colours is available and all lettering is 3mm high which allows you to have 1-2 lines of text. You can choose to have holes (2 x 3.5 mm) or self adhesive backing. The pictures shown give you guidance on the amount of text that will fit comfortably onto a line for both types of label but if you need to fit in slightly more text we can usually condense it to fit. If we have queries we will ring to discuss your requirements before commencing with your order so please be sure to give us the best number to reach you on when you are completing your details at checkout.

To order simply “Upload Details” of the labels you need and enter the total quantity you require in the quantity box. Alternatively you can type the details into the appropriate fields for each line. Then select the colour of material and the quantity you want for that label and “Add to Cart”.


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