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Small Sheets 610 mm x 305 mm x 1.5mm

Small Sheets 610 mm x 305 mm x 1.5mm

Our Small Sheets of micro surface interior grade engraving laminate are available in the colours shown below and give excellent results when engraved on rotary or laser engraving equipment . Simply enter the quantity of each colour you require and add to cart. 

Price: £6.25 + vat

P&P £3.95 + vat

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Small Sheet Colours - Quantities:

White material / Black text G013

Black material / White text G019

White material / Red text G028

Red material / White text G001

Yellow material / Black text G009

Gold material / Black text G052

Silver material / Black text G012

Dark Blue material / white text G008

Dark Green material / white text G060

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